International applicants can apply for a main educational bachelor/master/specialist /medical residency/doctoral degree programmes on a fee-paying basis.

Non-Russian citizens may also apply for the Government Scholarship of the Russian Federation that fully covers the tuition fees, provides an academic scholarship and reduced dormitory fees.

Applying for Russian Government Scholarship

  1. Create a Personal Account
  2. Fill in an Application Form in your Personal Account
  3. Fill in a Scholarship Application Form
    Remember to upload your photograph along with the signed Scholarship Application Form.
  4. Create and Upload a Portfolio to your Personal Account
    An Applicant’s Portfolio includes a set of required documents, an essay on a given topic and a motivation letter.
    Required documents are listed on the official SPbU website:
    Essay topics:
  5. Applicants who have successfully passed the competition are recommended for the Russian Government Scholarship.

For more information about Regulations for an Open Competition click here

Applying on Fee-paying Basis

  1. Create a Personal Account
  2. Fill in an Application Form in your Personal Account
  3. Upload the required application documents to your Personal Account
    Required documents are listed on the official SPbU website
    You may also submit your application in person.
  4. Admission tests
    Tests are designed to evaluate your creative (professional) skills and/or knowledge. The tests are either written or oral; some educational programmes require portfolios with an essay and a motivation letter.
    All admission tests are held in Russian except for programmes taught in a foreign language.
    List and Types of 2017 Admission Tests:

In 2017 admission tests are held:

June 15 – 30;

July 13 – 22;

August 03 – 17.

Applicants enrolling in a programme taught in Russian are required to provide a test of Russian as a Foreign Language:

for Bachelor & Specialist degree courses – TORFL 1 (oral and written examination)

 for Master courses – TORFL 2 (oral and written examination)

 for PhD courses – TORFL 2/3 depending on the field of research

You do not have to provide evidence of Russian language proficiency if your educational certificates/diplomas are issued in Russian.

If you want to enroll in Russian language courses to improve your language skills, visit

Contacts: Tel: (812) 327-79-55 E-mail: 该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。

Online application:

  1. If you have successfully completed the application process, sign the Agreement on Education.

For more information please study Regulations For Admission

Deadlines for Applications in 2017

For applicants enrolling in government-funded places:

February 1 – June 15

For applicants on fee-paying basis:

April 01 - August 10: for applicants not requiring an entry visa

April 01 - July 08: for applicants requiring an entry visa    

Please note that all applicants are required to create their Personal Account.

International Admissions Office
Location: Universitetskaya Emb., 13B, St Petersburg 199034, Russia
Phone: 007 812 328 32 91
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